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Let me introduce the first design of the upcoming autumn collection "Alpaca Riddles. Fall Equinox". I'm so excited, I feel like the first day in a new job, when I want to present myself from the best side, but at the same time, you're afraid that you will not meet the expectations. Judging by the fact that the photo shoot went quickly and easily (it happens when the piece fits well, and you feel comfortable in it, you can move and relax), there is a hope that you will like it. Rain is not always gloomy. Rain is expected after a drought; it is welcomed by the plants. After the rain, a rainbow appears and the fields smell. Rain jumper is worked from the bottom up as separate pieces, which are further joined to a yoke. "Rain" belongs to the type of raglan jumpers, but it is heavily remodeled, where the regular raglan lines end at the underarms, then decreases are shifted to the shoulder darts. Shoulder darts here are the main accent and focus of the sweater. The side horizontal darts together with the vertical darts, diminishing stitch pattern repeats together with the wider front piece, create a comfortable room for the bust. For convenience, "Rain" provides a significantly shaped back neck, which lengthens the back side, thus closing the upper back comfortably. In fact, the manly sporty jumper here is softened by a delicate color, playful lace pattern, eye-catching details and will flatter any woman for whom rain is just a reminder to grab an umbrella. The vertical stitch pattern belongs to the group of ribs and requires pressing, so that the elastic rib is flattened.

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