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I’ve always been passionate about knitting as long as I remember myself. I was eleven when I knit my first sweater. Knitting was always a source of happiness and joy for me. I have a lot of finished projects on Ravelry to prove my words. But some time ago I found out that knitting wasn't that exciting anymore, and my finished garments started to pile up in my wardrobe as a dead load. I had so many knitted clothes that I could dress up several teams of football players. And that was a time for a big move. I've started my thread in a knitters forum Osinka and begun teaching practice which brought back the joy of knitting. That was a bit of a challenge to begin teaching practice in a foreign language - Russian. But the more you share, the more you get, and I've got and learned a lot. I discovered a microworld of knitting and dived deep into it. And I'll always be grateful for the time I've spent in Osinka. Two years later I've made one more big move - I became a knitting designer. You can say now: one more knitting designer popped out of nowhere, so what... And yes, you are right. Except for one thing: I design knitwear for real women bodies. All curves, busts, and natural anatomical lines are considered, all patterns are tailored and should fit you perfectly. No more ill-fitting knitwear which is uncomfortable in wearing and produces many wrinkles around your underarms and a bust when there is too much or too little fabric; which exposes naked back neck when your sweater back is too short or your garment continually slips back for the similar reasons. In which pattern schematics are simplified so much, that you barely find a difference between a back and a front. That kind of knitwear will never flatter you, even if it's been knitted using the most intricate stitch pattern or the most luxurious yarn. So every design I am working on begins with sewing pattern blueprints for 5-7 sizes and only after that I design a visual side of the garment. I'm a photographer of my designs, an L size model, and a sample knitter also. I do my website design, pattern tech editing, and layouts. Besides designing, I still do knitting lessons, and I have a lot of inventions, novelty stitch patterns, tips and tricks for a better fit which I'm ready to share with you with time. That's a lot of work, so knitting and designing is my full-time hobby.


And, by the way, VILNONIS means WOOLEN in Lithuanian. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania - the small country near the Baltic Sea with deep and broad knitting traditions, where almost every woman knits. And I need to admit that my English isn't the best. I knit and design way better than I speak or write English. So give me some credit if you find mistakes or misunderstandings and help me on polishing my texts. I do believe that Knitting language is one for all knitters and that's why I encouraged myself to launch my site. 




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