Rain is not always gloomy. Everyone waits for the rain after a drought. After the rain, plants are joyful, a rainbow appears, and fields pleasantly smell. The front, the back, and sleeves are worked separately from the lower edge to the underarms. The pieces then are joined, and the yoke is worked in the round. “Rain” belongs to the raglan jumpers, but underwent modeling, where raglan lines interrupt close to armholes, then decreases shift to shoulder darts. Shoulder darts here are the main focus of the jumper. Side horizontal darts, along with the vertical ones, absorbing pattern repeats, as well as the front widening, create a room for the bust. For the comfort, the “Rain” has a shaped back neck (lengthening the upper back of the jumper), which comfortably covers the back neck. Basically, a manly jumper here is softened with a delicate color, playful lace pattern, interesting details and will flatter any woman for whom rain is just a reminder not to forget to grab an umbrella. The stitch pattern belongs to the group of ribs and requires pressing in the end to flatten it.

Rain (Eng)

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    Alpaca Riddles.

    Fall Equinox


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