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Transformations and a free basket of goodies

Let me remind you one of my first designs - pullover Forest Walk. Maybe did you even knit one for yourself? Loose, long, cozy, warm and with an intricate basketweave texture. It's a free pattern; you can grab it here.

One and a half years passed by, and you have finished a lot of successful projects. But that's not all. The pullover lives another life in Forest Walk Kid, designed by the duo of Darya Kuleshova and myself. It's a free pattern also, go and get it here.

Forest Walk continues surprising us and getting even more transformations. I want to present you Aistė Basketweave Socks for Him and Her in which the Forest Walk stitch pattern is used. That is an impeccable creation of Liliya Patashka, and also a free pattern. Let's get some ideas and "weave" some beautiful projects!

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