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Early Birds. Testings

If you want to become a member of Early Birds group and test my designs, you will need to:

1. Speak and type the Russian language, at least in a beginner level (at the moment there is an only option. It may change in the future).

2. Be registered in a forum. We have a special testing thread there, where we communicate, help each other, find mistakes and post pictures of a process and finished projects. Check it out.

3. Read the rules and send me an application form as a private message when the announcement of the new testing is published in a testings forum thread.

4. Have at minimum intermediate skills in knitting. To prove your skill level, you should send me a link to your Ravelry page or a social media pages, where your knitted projects are posted.

Every testing takes about 5-12 weeks, depending on a volume of work, we test 5 to 7 sizes, starting from XS to XXXL. Every size requires 2-3 Early Birds, so 10 to 20 members participate. We are very friendly and talented community, so every testing experience is a joyful and knowledgeful adventure.

Just take a look at some amazing Early Birds finished projects. Let the photos speak for themselves.

Photos courtesy of Early Birds group.

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