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Merino Hug. Spring Equinox

Who is the happiest designer of hand knitting patterns today? Me. Why? Because the second pattern book is published already (русская версия) It took me 16 months to knit, re-knit, write patterns, test, take hundreds of pictures, work on layouts, translate, etc. This job consists of thousands of small details. The e-book contains eight patterns of knitted outerwear. All pieces in spring collection are large: coats, jackets, long cardis and even a dress. Understandably, you need some patience to knit them, but I assure, it's worth all your efforts. The knitted outerwear always attracts attention and gets a lot of compliments. And, importantly, they are extremely comfortable.

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1 Comment

Alex Mosley
Alex Mosley
Sep 10, 2021

Thanks foor this blog post

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