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My guest. Elena Khristova

I want to introduce you my dear knitting friend Elena Khristova, Bulgaria, Varna. She came to my knitting forum thread two years ago and showed us some gorgeous projects. And time after time every project she'd revealed to us made us realize we found a shiny diamond in a boundless world of knitting. Every time Elena excites us and every time she brings us inspiration and belief that knitting is more than a stitch combination in a complicated pattern. As you see, Elena uses simple and quiet stitch patterns, such as knit, purl and slipped stitches, which do not distract attention from the shape, form, and lines of the garment. Every single piece is a sculpture made of a soft and stretchy material, trying to unite the science of knitting and tailoring in one piece of art. Besides the visual impact of every piece, I would like to point your attention to the complex and tricky fit improvements, where the tailoring part of every garment shines up bright making the model (Elena herself) look luxurious, sartorial and feel comfortable. Elena said to me, that the knitting direction, which now fascinates her a lot is experiments and a search of new silhouettes, shapes, textures, opportunities, which hand knitting could discover. "Therefore while in my projects there is no wide variety of stitch patterns, I concentrate on the shape, the silhouette, and the texture. I am literally bewitched by this feature of a knitted garment - a visually strict form but a tactile soft and comfortable piece. Moreover, in hand knitting, many complex modeling techniques can be performed much more elegantly compare to tailored clothes. Darts can begin and end anywhere; the garment can be knitted seamlessly or be made as intended or designed not being restricted to the print or the width of the weaved fabric. But at first, all my projects begin with a good fit, taking into account the lines and shapes of the body, the accuracy of fulfillment". Elena came to my forum thread to learn. She learned, progressed and left us far behind. I'm so proud of her, and I'm thrilled to meet her in my life. Take a look at some of her creations and be ready for the life-changing journey. I mean the knitting life.

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1 comentário

07 de fev. de 2019

Как приятно, что Елена снова с нами!

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