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My guest. Margarita Popova

I want to introduce you my dear knitting friend Margarita Popova. She lives in Saki, Crimea. Rita came to our knitting forum two years ago and stayed. She belongs to that kind of knitters, who approaches knitting very thoughtfully, mathematically and with love. She is very generous with her advice, she shares her experience and helps others a lot. Rita loves the minimalistic style of knitting, clear lines, basic colors. She said some time ago that she adores when the garment shaping techniques (i.e., darts, decreases, etc.) are well thought-out that could be intentionally exposed or combined into a pattern, making nice looking and clever lines, which flatter the figure. That was the moment when I realized that we have so much in common. I was so excited when Rita expressed a desire to become a member of an Early Birds group and test some of my designs. You could not be happier having such an experienced and talented knitter in your team. It helps you grow.

Let's take a look at some of Rita's projects.

That's not all. Also, Rita has a knitting channel on Youtube, Sunny Knits. There are a lot of knitting treasures dug deep into it. Do not hesitate to watch her videos despite the fact that they are in Russian. All knitters of our planet speak one common Knitting language, so the techniques Rita demonstrates in her videos speak for themselves. In that regard take a look at her video, where she teaches us about using Excel as software for creating pattern schematics. I'm so happy to present some videos, in which I have a small input myself, and Rita made those ideas alive.

Find Margarita on Ravelry and Instagram.

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