Winter is the best time for knitting: long dark evenings, lack of sun, little activity. Everything around freezes or becomes passive. This is the best time for our beloved hobby and we knit the most in winter. Influenced by these circumstances I decided it was the right time to start a big knitting adventure.

At the beginning of the collection, I had to find the main theme, which was a set-in sleeve. Here you will find all kinds of forms of it. I came up with a formula for calculating the armhole and the sleeve cap several years ago. The process of setting in the sleeve became the favorite part of the project and took no longer than half an hour. Later, a twisted stitch joined the theme of the collection and I discovered the easiest way of knitting it. Once you try it, you‘ll fall in love at first movement. The inspiration for the collection was the eighties. Or to be more specific - the style of sporty chic, where laconic masculine lines are embellished with cute feminine details: casual, simple, but with a twist. Next step was a yarn choice and I preferred merino wool. I mixed up cold shades and frozen names to support the winter theme. But do not let the cold scare you away - there's a lot of warmth in the collection! Overall I see that the collection turned out to be very coherent, but interesting in its own way. Each individual design tells its story. If you decide to challenge yourself and knit all eight pieces, you will create a basic knitted wardrobe.

The creation of the collection took me almost a year. I‘d like to say a special thank you to the team of the Early Birds, who tested all the designs with a great passion and eagerness. The joy of getting to know them probably exceeds the joy of publishing my first collection.

All garments were constructed using sewing pattern blueprints, taking into account the anatomical lines of the female body and trying to achieve the best fit possible. With this collection, I speak out against simplified and two-dimensional knitting patterns, which do not reveal women's curves, are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, unflattering and often turn into a dead load in your closet. This collection was created for real women. I'm sure that each of you deserves to knit comfortable and well-fitted knitwear with a successful outcome every time. We simply do not have time for failure. 

Merino Hug. Winter Solstice (Eng)

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