Bulky, soft, loose, long. The one in which you can wrap yourself, like in a blanket. A wintery Icicle sweater will gift you many unforgettable moments in the coldest time of the year. After all, there is no severe weather; there are too light sweaters. Icicle is worked from bottom to top in separate pieces, which further are joined into a round yoke. The upper back is longer than the front part, shaping a back neck that comfortably covers the neck. The design of the sweater is based on the characteristics of the stitch pattern, in which, by skipping or adding lace motifs, you can naturally expand or shrink the knit fabric. Trendy lush sleeves, a textured stitch pattern, and graphic lines – even in the winter, you can become a queen and catch admiring glances!

Icicle (Eng)

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    Dream Big. Winter Solstice



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