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Enchanted Dreams

I've recently finished knitting my Spring Collection and so quickly jumped to work on the Autumn that I did not even have time to enjoy it. Today I decided to take a break and look back. The first stitches had been cast on at the very beginning of June 2017. Nine months passed, and at the very beginning of March 2018, the last stitches were bound off. It turns out I count my years by collections... I think that the pictures below will tell you better what I feel. The first picture shows the yarn picked by me for the Spring Collection. Catkin, Sprout, Drop, April, Sunbeam and others rest petrified in those cones and skeins. The second picture shows successfully disenchanted designs nine months later. Still, a lot of work to do with patterns and testings, but you can already enjoy three of them: Birch Sap, Catkin, Lilac. And more. I've always had a dream: to shoot a photograph of the Winter Collection on the rack (I understand, my dream is rather strange, but I already saw Paris and the Himalayas, so I can let myself dream about the rack). I bought this rack about a year ago, as well as those lovely hangers, but I never got around to shoot the picture of my dreams. A year later, my dream came true, only now the entirely different collection hangs on a rack.

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